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Have fun doing it but don't get caught doing it

If you're starting an affair or are in the midst of one, you can benefit from tips and tools that will help you successfully start and or end your affair.

Most married couples (both men and women) eventually decide to have an affair. For many, the affair is short and only meant to provide some thrill and excitement into the marriage. For others, the affair can lead to a new life and possibly a new marriage.

If you are having an affair, keeping it from your partner is key!

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Married Affairs

Why are you here?

You're here because you want to make your affair experience better and more secure. Having an affair is a perfectly normal. The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants...Find Out more.

Secure Message Service

Use our FREE private messaging service. Here's how it works:

1. Come up with a code only you and your lover know.

2. visit the message page and enter your lover's cellphone number, secret code, and your message.

3. Your lover will receive a text message letting them know they have a private message waiting. The message can only be seen if they enter the correct secret code.

NOTE: All messages are cleared daily. click here to learn more.